Desalination Plant items such as Sea water nozzles, demisters

In MED desalination process, functioning of nozzles is very important in order to get full production of distillate and also to avoid scaling of evaporator tubes.

If the nozzles are damaged or clogged, it will not maintain spray blanket and some portion of evaporator tubes left dry and gets overheated. Due to overheating calcium sulfate (white color very hard scale) gets formed on outside of tubes.

This scaling affects production of distillate and also it is very hard to remove. Even acid cleaning also may not remove it completely apart from the fact that it is costly and it requires shut down of MED unit.

All these problems can be avoided by regular inspection of MED sea water spray nozzles during water flow and physical inspection. During these inspections nozzles not producing full cone spray pattern are noted and replaced during shutdown. Aspire can develop and get manufacture suitable nozzles for your plant.

All is required is a sample and some parameters like flow and temperature. Prior to supply nozzles will be tested as a part of quality control.

Similary demisters also play an important role in containing residual salt from distillate in MED & MSF both. This demister gets clogged over a period of time and needs acid cleaning.

But acid cleaning is not for life. There comes a time after 2/3 cycles of acid cleaning where you need to replace the demisters. Further having a set of demisters would save precious time in shutdown where maintenance team just replace the spare set and do the offline acid cleaning. Aspire can develop and supply demisters as per you needs. Please contact us.

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