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We specialize at developing alternate source of supply of your plant requirements through our tie ups with local as well as international suppliers. Alternate sources other than OEM will save your budget without sacrificing quality of products.

Quality is being maintained by selecting qualified supplier and their procedure. Procedures are being discussed and audited in detail before letting go ahead for manufacture of any part.

If required, stage wise inspection is scheduled to control any quality issues if arises.

After the product is manufactured, it is tested with applicable criteria to simulate customer’s site condition before being shipped to customers.Over and above, we also can supply OEM parts either directly from OEM or their sub suppliers.Aspire acts as an extended procurement and technical department of our clients to meet their goals.

Literally we can support you for any mechanical items of your plant for both supply and service; some of them are listed below,


All types of valves like gate, globe, check, butterfly etc. Both low pressure and high pressure for HRSG/Boiler HP water and steam applications.

All MOCs from carbon steel to exotic material like P91 (9% Chrome 1 % Molybdenum Vanadium enhanced steel) are available from quality manufacturers from all over world as per requirement of customers.

All quality certificates can be obtained as per clients needs.

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All types of pumps and their parts can be arranged by us.

Pump types such as centrifugal (single stage/multistage), Positive Displacements pumps (Gear/Vane/Diaphragm/Axial Piston/Progressive Cavity etc), Submersible pumps.


Compressors (Both reciprocating & screw types)

Whether you require complete compressor or its parts, we can make available for you.

If you have any problems of chronic nature with reciprocating compressor, we can advise you with proper solution.



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Heat Exchangers

Heat Exchangers (Plate type, Shell & Tube type, Fin fan type etc)

Whether client requires new/replacement of assembly of any type of heat exchanger or replacement parts such plates and gaskets of plate type heat exchanger (PHE), we can support client for any needs.

We can supply gaskets and replacement plates of any make and type of PHEs. Gaskets and plates are available from Europe/India as per requirement of clients.

Certificate of origin can be produced on request. Different material grades of gaskets are available like EPDM, EPDM HT, Neoprene, and NBR depending on application.

It is very important to select proper material to have long life of gasket. We will support in selecting proper gasket material depending on clients application.

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Expansion bellows

Aspire can also arrange different types of expansion bellows and joints as per client requirements.

Different materials of construction such as rubber, metallic (SS316/SS304) can be made available from quality manufacturers.

It can also be manufactured to specific site  requirements.

Desalination Plant items such as Sea water nozzles, demisters

In MED desalination process, functioning of nozzles is very important in order to get full production of distillate and also to avoid scaling of evaporator tubes.

If the nozzles are damaged or clogged, it will not maintain spray blanket and some portion of evaporator tubes left dry and gets overheated. Due to overheating calcium sulfate (white color very hard scale) gets formed on outside of tubes.

This scaling affects production of distillate and also it is very hard to remove. Even acid cleaning also may not remove it completely apart from the fact that it is costly and it requires shut down of MED unit.

All these problems can be avoided by regular inspection of MED sea water spray nozzles during water flow and physical inspection. During these inspections nozzles not producing full cone spray pattern are noted and replaced during shutdown. Aspire can develop and get manufacture suitable nozzles for your plant.

All is required is a sample and some parameters like flow and temperature. Prior to supply nozzles will be tested as a part of quality control.

Similary demisters also play an important role in containing residual salt from distillate in MED & MSF both. This demister gets clogged over a period of time and needs acid cleaning.

But acid cleaning is not for life. There comes a time after 2/3 cycles of acid cleaning where you need to replace the demisters. Further having a set of demisters would save precious time in shutdown where maintenance team just replace the spare set and do the offline acid cleaning. Aspire can develop and supply demisters as per you needs. Please contact us.

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Sacrificial Anodes for condensers and heat exchangers

Sacrificial anodes play a vital role in preventing galvanic corrosion of tubes, tube sheets and shell of heat exchanger by consuming themselves.

Regular inspection and replacement of anodes are part of preventive maintenance strategy.

Anode shall be replaced if consumed more than 50%. Aspire can supply you anodes as per your requirements of material (CS, Iron, Zinc, Cu Ni) and size. All anodes material will come with material certificates and produced with quality procedures.

Electrolytic Cells for Electro chlorination Plant

Sea water electrolysis is often used in power and oil and gas industry to produce sodium hypochlorite at site for controlling marine growth in sea water.  Over a period of time cells gets clogged due to build up of deposits and scales on its electrodes.

Although acid cleaning is done at site as routine but a time comes when these cells need replacements.

Aspire can provide you with latest electrolyzer with latest features such as transparent shell so that you can see inside scales and its severity.

This transparent cell helps operator to assess the condition of cell before and after acid cleaning and hence to know the effectiveness of acid cleaning.

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Tools and Measuring & test equipments

Aspire can provide you all types of tools like mechanical, electrical and instrument measurement and test equipments, hydraulic etc.

We are arranging different brands like Fluke, Megger, Druck, HYTORC - USA, EQUALIZER – UK, LIFTON – Canada, URACA – Germany from stockiest in UAE and worldwide.

 Please find below the main product range, we are dealing….

 All ranges of Testing and measuring instruments like FLUKE, MEGGER, GE DRUCK etc…

Hydraulic Torque wrenches. Bolt tensioners. Manual Torque wrenches Hydro Test Pumps.
Impact wrenches. Hydraulic Jacks. Hydraulic Cylinders. Hydraulic Pumps. 
Flange Spreaders. Nut splitters. Flange Alignment Tools. Chart recorders.
Hydraulic press. Hydraulic cutters. Hydraulic punches. Knockout punches.
Wire rope cutters. Crimping tools. Pressure Gauges. Water jetting machines 

For all related products, please send your enquiries to us. 

Seawater intake filtration

Seawater intake filtration equipments such as Band screen / Travelling screen parts manufactured from duplex or super duplex steel, rollers both split type and integral type, chains, sprockets,mesh, nozzles etc

Aspire can provide you all these parts as per your requirement of size and material. Aspire has developed qualified suppliers who can manufacture these parts with same quality as OEM.

Piping & its components

All sizes and material of piping and fittings can be arranged by us from quality suppliers from Europe/India as per needs of clients.

Material test certificates as per EN 3.1/3.2 will be submitted.

Materials from carbon steel to more exotic materials like P91/P11/P22, Duplex, Super duplex, URANUS can be arranged.

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Plant Consumables

Aspire can supply quality consumables for plant like bearings, belts, fasteners of all types and material, gaskets, ahesives and sealants, etc. Please contact us for any other requirements as well.

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