Onsite Maintenance & Service

Greetings From Aspire Mechanical Equipments,

We are Abu Dhabi based mechanical contracting and services company formed to serve various industries such as power and desalination plant, Oil and gas, Petrochemical and other process industries in UAE. We have very good qualified and experienced mill Wright technicians, fabricators, welders, engineers and supervisors who can work on most of equipments used in above industries. We are providing following services,

1) Maintenance and contracting services as per scope of work of client related to mechanical engineering related to below equipments

a) Pumps
b) Fans
c) Piping
d) Valves
e) Heat exchangers (both plate type and shell and tuber type)
f) Piping, welding, fabrication
g) Compressors
i) Turbine (Steam and gas)

2) Supply of skilled manpower for routine as well as shutdowns such as

a) Mechanical/Electrical/Instrument Technicians
b) Mechanical/Electrical/Instrument Asst Technicians or Helpers
c) Scaffolders
d) Riggers
e) Welders
f) Fabricators

3) Sourcing and supply of specialized mechanical items for the plants such as

a) Alternate items/replacements of OEM pumps/compressors, valves, heat exchangers (PHE/SHELL & TUBE)
b) Anodes of heat exchangers
c) Electro chlorination systems / spares anodes/refurbishment
d) Special coatings for corrosive/erosive and high temperature applications
e) Nozzles of sea water supply to MEDs
f) Other specific items

4) Any specific area where you are looking for someone to support you related to mechanical engineering